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     We understand the stress involved in organizing a wedding.   The wedding day is upon you and everything must be perfect.  Our chauffeur will arrive at you house [on time] wearing a tux and white gloves.  He/She will escort you to the limo.  Our chauffeur will see everything is perfect for you when you walk down the aisle.

     When the ceremony is over and you come out of the church, a Red Carpet streamer with a half circle on top awaits you.  We can do a toast for you at that point or in the limo when we pull away from the church [your preference] either way it makes for a great Kodak moment.  At that point it's off to the park [or not] for a photo shoot.  After that we take you to the reception for the biggest party of your life.

     Someday you'll look back on High School with great memories.  The fun times, new friends, the music the dances and growing pains and yes, your prom, a memory you'll want to be a happy one.  Your "stepping out" so keep it real, have fun, be happy.  Let us enhance your experience with luxury and convenience.

     Want to go to the theater in style?  Give us a call, great service, great price.  We'll give you an all inclusive price, with the time you need.


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